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Doggie Bloggie now on Facebook!

Hi, every canine lover out there!

I have just added Doggie Bloggie to Facebook!  Please feel free to come aboard and join in the canine activities!  You may post pictures, links, stories, anything to your hearts content – as long as it is dog-related (a few other critters are fine, too) and tasteful.  This page was created OF and FOR dogs and dog-lovers.  Click the link below to go to my new page.

A Doggie Bloggie on Facebook


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Heeling Hearts of NM – a dog rescue program combined with the Women’s Prison of NM

PB & J Family Services, a 501c3 non-profit entity, has also provided a program, Heeling Hearts, at the New Mexico women’s prison in Grants NM where dogs are rescued from the Cibola County shelter and placed into the loving care of participating women in the prison. Here the dogs receive the love and attention they have lacked, as well as helping the women, many of which have lived a life of abuse and addiction, how to love once again – and sometimes for the first time in their life.

Heeling Hearts participated in the annual NM Humane Society’s Doggie Dash & Dawdle 2010 whose goal is to gain support for the dogs at the shelters within the state.

I volunteer with this program. If you would like more information or are interested in adopting a dog, please contact Heeling Hearts directly.  Here is their website:  Heeling Hearts of New Mexico

Here is a slideshow showing the booth provided by Heeling Hearts.  Below the video are some pictures of the program at the prison.  Pictures are from the Heeling Hearts website.


Cheri is the Animal Control for Grants County in New Mexico, and runs the local shelter – which is a “no kill” shelter.  Oftentimes, she is the first kind, loving soul that these abandoned dogs have met.  They all adore her.  I have not met a person more devoted to rescuing of dogs, and other pets, than Cheri.  It is truly amazing to watch the dogs at the shelter when she enters… their eyes light up, and you can see in their body language how much they love her.


Gathering up the next group of dogs to take to the prison.


This is the first group of dogs which entered into the prison program back in 2007.

It is not uncommon for a pregnant female to arrive at the shelter close to whelping.  Due to the small amount of staff at the shelter, and overabundance of dogs, the decision was made to take the pregnant females into the prison to whelp.  This would ensure they received 24/7 care, and an incredible amount of love.  The women were nervous the first time they assisted, but very quickly became old pro’s at whelping.  The women then care for the new litter until they are old enough to adopt out.


The mother of these puppies died only days after they were born. The litter was brought into the prison where the women could feed and care for them around the clock – just as though their birth mother would have done.


Here is a small sample of the dogs which have graduated the prison training program, and have since been adopted out.  Each dog, prior to leaving, passes their AKC CGC test.


Please go to the Heeling Hearts website to view the dogs currently up for adoption – or just to see the beautiful dogs that were rescued, graduated, and adopted out. Heeling Hearts of New Mexico

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