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10 Things about humans that annoy dogs….

Any loyal owner can just hear these thoughts in their dog….

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Ultimate Dog Tease: Viral video of talking dog who didn’t get his meat… but the cat did…

As many people do in this world… I LOVE DOGS! This has to be one of the best, funniest, and most creative videos of a dog I have seen. I have watched this dozens of times, and sent it to everyone I know. The creation/narration was so well done.

Enjoy! I am here LMAO!!!

YouTube Channel info:
Talking Animals
klaatu42’s Channel

Video has been broadcast worldwide on TV on such shows as Good Morning America. Congratulations! You most certainly have a viral video worthy of this attention.

Here is the ORIGINAL video of the dog, Clark Griswold “Sir Talksalot”…

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