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Stars of the Silver Screen…. and their dogs

Audrey Hepburn

Brigette Bardot

Catherine Deneuve

Elizabeth Taylor

Ginger Rogers

Kathryn Adams

Lauren Bacall

Lucille Ball

Marilyn Monroe

Mia Farrow

Olivia de Havilland

Shirley Temple




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Doggie Bloggie now on Facebook!

Hi, every canine lover out there!

I have just added Doggie Bloggie to Facebook!  Please feel free to come aboard and join in the canine activities!  You may post pictures, links, stories, anything to your hearts content – as long as it is dog-related (a few other critters are fine, too) and tasteful.  This page was created OF and FOR dogs and dog-lovers.  Click the link below to go to my new page.

A Doggie Bloggie on Facebook


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Who’s going to save the world? The DOGS are!

Awesome music video.  Great video work, especially love watching the dogs run.

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Super Slow Motion footage of dogs catching treats

I so LOVE this video made by Pedigree of dogs catching treats.  This was made using a Phantom Camera at 1000 FPS (Frames Per Second).  The magic of this camera allows us to see the movement – and joy – on the dogs face, the hair flowing, and precision of their body… stuff we cannot see with the naked eye.  LOVE IT!

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Striking black & white photos of dogs

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15 wacky mixed breeds

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Incredible dog costumes #1

Some incredible creativity and time went into these.

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